Laura Reagan is a buyer's agent

I will go the extra mile to find the right opportunity for your next real estate investment! I have been keeping my ear to the grindstone for years so I know about off market possibilities. 

I know numerous loan officers and their specialties, so I can introduce you to a lender who can get you prequalified so we can nail down the numbers before we find an opportunity that fits what you’re prepared to do financially. 

I have a lot of experience with clients selling and then buying so I know all of the timing considerations. 

I’m aware of all of the questions to ask and due diligence documents you can ask for.  If there’s a question, I’ll find an authoritative answer. 

As a buyer’s agent, my professional success fee comes from the listing agent’s brokerage except in case of a for sale by owner.  In that situation we can negotiate a professional services fee with the buyer and the seller.  

I search Flex mls which ensure you will find out first if a new listing comes onto the market. 

For Grand Junction clients I use Paragon which is where the listings go initially.