HOA Management Services

As a Homeowner we know and understand that trust is imperative.  The relationship between your HOA manager and board members is crucial to the success of your community.  We will assist the board with legal compliance, oversee budgeting and financial decisions and coordinate with vendor and service providers.  We provide excellent accounting services and our intuitive property management software enables us to communicate, connect and deliver an exceptional experience to every homeowner of the community.

While it’s true that some HOAs are self-managed and successful, it is also true that most self-managed HOAs need help managing the day-to-day needs of their community. If your board is trying to decide if hiring a HOA property management company is the right choice for your community, we’ve compiled a list of reasons it may benefit your, or any, community.

  1. Manage communication and member involvement. One of the most time consuming tasks for an HOA is dealing with all of the communication between residents and the association. A good HOA management company will make sure newsletters go out regularly, that all residents in violation of governing documents receive proper communication, and that all community activities are publicized to encourage member involvement.
  2. Financials. Even a good treasurer needs help with community finances. Remember, board members are volunteers! So having a manager who is well educated in HOA finances can be a tremendous help for any community. They will make sure financial statements are done and read properly, they help plan strategic budgets, and they can help your community stay on top of taxes and bills payable.
  3. Dayto-day management. If your board has the peace of mind that a community manager is handling the day-to-day tasks, it reduces stress and makes the board more effective at dealing with bigger issues when they arise. A good manager can take care of vendor relationships, he/she can filter communication/resident requests before it reaches board members, and most importantly a good manager is a neutral third party that makes day-to-day issues easier to resolve.
  4. Board member education. Board members are volunteers; so knowing the ins-and-outs of HOA management isn’t their day job. A good property management company provides training and resources for board members so they can be effective leaders in the community.
  5. Reserve study. HOA managers know that a reserve study needs to be done each year, as required by law. They help your board take inventory of HOA assets and ensure your HOA is in compliance with local laws.

HOA Software Tools

A La Carte offers services to cover all your potential management requirements with a knowledgeable in-house team dedicated to the management of investment properties.

A La Carte is currently utilizing AppFolio software. Appfolio is a state-of-the-art full service software program for Property and HOA Management. On one intuitive platform it provides accounting, reporting, maintenance, leasing, and communication tools. It provides owners with the ability to access an online portal for electronic payment methods such as auto-pay. It also offers a convenient way to report and track maintenance issues and submit work orders directly to management. Through this system, we can bill rents and utilities to homeowners, pay vendor bills, provide monthly and annual financial statements and more. Appfolio is the top-rated software in the industry, and I am happy to provide you with a demonstration.

As a part of our management contract, we will also perform the following services:

  • Full Service Accounting
  • Documentation and Lease Management
  • Rules and Regulations Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Builders Warranty and Uncompleted Construction Management
  • Property Inspection and Violation Follow-Up

Our rates and services are customized to your needs. Get in Touch with Laura today to discuss your property management concerns.